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“We don’t know a millionth of one percent about anything."

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Making mistakes in the hiring process costs a lot more than what meets the eye. But if the hiring is accurate, the bottom line increases more than expected. Thus, understanding the candidates’ behaviour patterns is extremely important as they form the workforce of the organisation.

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Submit 1 to 2 pages of handwriting samples (preferably cursive handwriting) of a person whose behaviour traits are to be explored. It can be either your own handwriting to know more about yourself or anyone about whom you are interested in to know about.

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Handwriting Analysis!! Whats that??

  • What does my handwriting reveal & what is there to “Analysis"?? 
  • How does my handwriting reveal my behavior traits?? 
  • What are the things handwriting Does Not Reveal?? 
  • How is it Different from Forensic Document Examination?? 
  • Is handwriting analysis a “science" or an “art"?? 
  • How accurate is handwriting analysis?? 
  • What does "Cursive" & "Print" writing refer to?? 
  • How can handwriting analysis be useful to me?? 
  • How does my personality, behavior & attitude change if I change my handwriting?? 
  • What precautions should I take while using Handwriting Analysis Reports for hiring processes?? 
  • Is there any other term used to refer to Handwriting Analysis?? 
  • Do you provide Forensic Document Examination services?? 
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  • Initially i was taking it as a joke.. How can one analyse me by just checking my handwriting strokes??  But no,